Rigorous examinations and no-translation-necessary results aren't something you should have to hope for in data forensics.  It should be something you expect.  At Atlantic Data Forensics, we leverage our multidisciplinary expertise and extensive industry knowledge to deliver on that promise.

Industry-recognized experts, Atlantic Data Forensics is repeatedly engaged as the computer forensic examiners of choice by many of our nation's most prestigious organizations.  Fortune 500 companies, the United States Department of Justice, highly influential research institutions, and many of the largest law firms in the US have chosen the practitioners at Atlantic Data Forensics time after time to handle their most critical digital investigations.  Our formula for success and client retention is simple: we pride ourselves on making the digital forensic process as efficient, effective, and transparent as possible.

Our practitioners have traveled internationally and throughout the U.S. to collect, capture, and analyze crucial digital evidence, but we most regularly serve our clients in the Baltimore, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia and New York areas.  Call us now at (410) 480-7190 to discuss your Digital Forensics, E-Discovery, Cybercrime, or Expert Witness matter and learn why so many of our clients come back to us again and again.